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Chongzhen 1627 – 1644 Kraakware/ kraak Porcelain Kraak Porcelain is a Type of Chinese Export Porcelain Produced from the wanly period (1573 – 1620) until the end of the Ming Dynasty int the 1640’s. Kraak ware or Kraak Porcelain was the first Chinese Export ware to arrive in Europe in Large quantities.

Chongzhen 1627 – 1644 Kraakware/ Kraak Porcelain

China Vase Blue Porcelain

An Important Blue and White Dragon bottle vase Yuan Dynasty The pear shape body rising to a slender neck and wide flaring rim, counter balanced by a splayed footing , freely painted in dark cobalt blue with a three – clawed string dragon, its head with elaborate horns gazing up at a flaming pearl, the […]

Yuan porcelain (1279 – 1368)

China Big Vase Blue and white

Classic Blue and White China Porcelain

Classic China Vase Porcelain

White Old Style Vase

Brown old style vase with grid

Brown old style Vase

Black Bowl with Lid

Old style 1

Green Bowl with Lid

Brown Earth Vase

Deep Blue Big Vase

Blue Dragon Vase

White Bowl With Lid

Blue Big Vase

White Big Vase

Old Water Jug

Green Big Vase

Aesthetic Old Vase

Balinese Woman Dancing Statue

Blue Vase

Blue Vase

Blue Vase

Blue Leave Vase

Bali Ornament Blue Vase

Green Celadon Vase

Celladon Vase

Green Grape Tree Hollow Vase

Blue Glossy

Blue Glossy Vase

White Doff Jar

Leaf Hollow Vase

Floral Vase

Bali Ornament Vase

Green Leaf Bottle

Green Leaf Bottle

Green leaf bottle

Blue Light Jar

Blue Teapot

White Doff Teapot

White Doff Teapot

Simple White Teapot

White Teapot Bird on Top

Owl Green Jar

Traditional desain Teapot

Green Teapot

Green Jar Bird on Top

Blue Doff Cup

Blue Doff Teapot

Teapot Blue Color With Bird

Green Teapot Dragon

Green Teapot

Classic Green Teapot

Blue Teapot with Dragon Design

Teapot Barong

Teapot with frog series

Teapot with handle frog series

Candle Holder

Elephant Statue

Owl Statue

Bird Statue