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About Us

History of Tanteri Museum

The museum Tanteri was established by Oka Mahendra on May 30, 2011, in Tabanan Bali.

This ceramic museum preserves various pottery and ceramics has found in the Indonesian archipelago.

The word Tanteri was derived from a significant figure who has contributed to the development of ceramics craft in Pejaten village. Besides this figure, other people contributed to the development of ceramic art in Pejatenare  I Wayan Kerta, Mangku Kuturan, and I Made Durya.

I Made Tanteri was the leader of Pejaten village, which gave a lot of attention to the development of ceramic art. He devoted 29 years to duties in the village. In 1986 he was awarded the Upakerti Award from the President of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta. Another figure who also contributed to the development of pottery craft in Pejaten village is Hester Tjebbes,  a ceramic consultant from the Netherlands who has introduced ceramics art with high-firing. The HIVOS financed the project development of ceramic in Pejaten.

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Statement of The Chairman

Nowadays, the art of glazed pottery in Bali has rapidly developed. Many ceramic studios have produced various motif of products inspired by the natural environment of Bali, which is already well known as the hometown of an artist.

Pejaten is an old village that has inherited the art of pottery for a generation. Artisans have a typical motif with a distinctive form, highlighting flora or fauna ornament and gentle colors like moss jade green.

Tanteri Foundation aims to preserve and develop the art of pottery and ceramics in Bali. Tanteri museum collects various ceramics and pottery ever made in Pejaten village and various ceramics found in the Indonesian archipelago.

This museum can also be seen in ceramics making and see the development of pottery and ceramics craft in Pejaten village from time to time.


Tanteri Foundation,

Mr. I Putu Oka Mahendra



Collection Highlight

Chongzhen 1627 – 1644 Kraakware/ kraak Porcelain Kraak Porcelain is a Type of Chinese Export Porcelain Produced from the wanly period (1573 – 1620) until the end of the Ming Dynasty int the 1640’s. Kraak ware or Kraak Porcelain was the first Chinese Export ware to arrive in Europe in Large quantities.

Chongzhen 1627 – 1644 Kraakware/ Kraak Porcelain

China Vase Blue Porcelain

An Important Blue and White Dragon bottle vase Yuan Dynasty The pear shape body rising to a slender neck and wide flaring rim, counter balanced by a splayed footing , freely painted in dark cobalt blue with a three – clawed string dragon, its head with elaborate horns gazing up at a flaming pearl, the […]

Yuan porcelain (1279 – 1368)